Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Satphone Solar Bundle

    Our Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle is a maniaturised version of the Iridium 9575 Extreme with added compact solar charger.


    External Antenna

    Add a small portable external magnetic antenna which is ideal for temporarily popping onto the roof of your car while travelling by road. A great solution for an improvised car kit when combined with a generic windscreen holder.

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    • Iridium SatPhone Essentials Quick Start PDF

    Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle

    Our Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle is our maniaturised Iridium Extreme satellite phone kit with optional integrated compact solar charger.

    Aimed at those who not only need to travel exceptionally light but who also need the ability to charge their Iridium phone for extended periods away from power sources.

    Measuring only 20x5x5cm with a total weight of only 1095g, our Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle is a good 50% lighter and smaller than you get elsewhere.

    Also included in our Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle is a USB cable and wall and car charger with USB output for easily charging your Iridium on the go.

    As with the ordinary Iridium phones, our Iridium Extreme Ultra-Compact Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle works anywhere on earth; land, sea and air – including the polar regions.


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    Iridium 9575 Extreme Key Features

    • Voice calls and SMS from anywhere on the planet
    • Dedicated red SOS button with emergency assistance services
    • Automated, user-programmable GPS position reporting via eMail
    • Reliably delivers text messages to smartphones via email
    • Very fast network registration, 1st call connected within 30 seconds
    • Can receive incoming calls even with the antenna stowed away
    • Extremely rugged IP65 rated & Military Spec 810F
    • Easy prepaid top-up in Ashbury web shop
    • Free web-to-satphone SMS facility from Ashbury
    • Standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

    Iridium 9575 Extreme Coverage Map

    Iridium Satellite Phone Network Coverage

    Iridium is the only satellite network offering truly global coverage including all landmasses, oceans and airways.

    Note that the functionality of Iridium handheld satellite phones may be limited by certain regional vouchers, such as the African voucher which can only be used to make calls from Africa.

    Iridium Extreme Airtime Options

    Should you prefer prepaid you will see we sell discounted prepaid airtime vouchers with the Iridium Extreme satellite phone in our shop. For more details on our Iridium Extreme prepaid services and call rates, see the Iridium prepaid vouchers further below.

    We also offer easy online pay-monthly subscriptions for Iridium Extreme that you can buy with your Iridium 9555 satellite phone should you wish, just add them both to cart and proceed to checkout then we will bill your card for your subscription on a monthly basis.

    Iridium Extreme Applications

    Recommended for:

    • Voice calls and text messaging anywhere on earth. Iridium Extreme can also be used inside vehicles on safari with the magnetic vehicular antenna that comes in the box.
    • Sailors and skippers. Iridium Extreme’s omnidirectional antenna means the masts on your boat won’t interfere with it, and it also works through fibreglass and canvas.
    • Safety and peace of mind. Trusted by emergency responders around the world with a built in SOS button and emergency support services from GEOS – registration required.
    • Position reporting. Easily share your travel progress with friends, family members and colleagues – with tracking messages delivered directly to their email inbox.

    Not recommended for:

    • Data applications – Iridium GO is a far better option.

    Iridium Extreme Mini Solar SatPhone Bundle Contents

    • Unlocked Iridium Extreme
    • Ultra Compact Case
    • Iridium SIM Card
    • Battery
    • USB Charging Cable
    • USB Mains Charger
    • USB Vehicle Charger
    • USB Solar Charger
    • USB Backup Battery
    • Wrist Strap

    Iridium 9575 Video