Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

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Our Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone is a great choice for use anywhere on earth except the polar regions.


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Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

Our Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone is a great choice for sending text messages and making voice calls from anywhere on earth except at or near the polar regions.

As is the case with most good satellite phones these days, the Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone is able to send automated position reports delivered to your email inbox.

An SOS assistance button on the Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone can also be programmed to initiate contact with the rescue agency of your choice in an emergency.

The Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone comes with a ruggedness rating of IP65 meaning it is dustproof and has great water resistance in that it can withstand jets of water.

A distinguishing feature of the Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 SatPhone is its industry-leading battery life providing for 160 hours of standby time, or 8 hours of continuous talk time.

16 reviews for Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

  1. Mika Seppala

    Phone is working very well and I’m impressed about the more powerful antenna with this new one.

    Phone is on my desk 2 meters from window and I get full signal strength and registering to the network is only 10 to 20 seconds when powering up the phone. Window is directly to the South which helps of course

    Otherwise phone is working perfectly here in Southern Finland, only buildings might be a problem when the satellite is low as 22 decrees.

    • Moderator


      I am pleased the phone is working very well for you. The antenna is certainly more powerful than the previous version. Thanks for the



  2. Linus Zhang

    Recently obtained my Day Skipper certificate and I’m looking fwd to sailing with friends. So did some research over the past few months on satellite phones and focused on Inmarsat GEO (as i am not planning to visit Greenland or Antarctic anytime soon). Additionally, my bad experience with Turkish telecom (hugely expensive when roaming from UK) last Dec (2013) when visiting, plus the recent absurd aviation event made me go ahead with the purchase. Luckily I happened to be deciding which package to order whilst Inmarsat prepares to launch IsatPhone2.

    Already knew Ashbury is doing good deals on the pricing as well 2 yr validity of the package (heard those SIMs might be sold out soon). When compared with other retailers, my previous research results still stand and the reviews i read seem genuine, hence I put the trigger.

    The delivery is speedy (next day) and the pre-paid card working straight away when popped in the IsatPhone2. The service from Ashbury SatCom is impeccable in my experience, as I exchanged quite a few emails with Charles with prompt and helpful answers and suggestions even before I put the order through (and post sales as well). So I strongly recommend Ashbury SatCom no matter you are going for Inmarsat or Iridium or other satcom providers.

    I only tested in London and made a couple of UK and international calls, pretty impressive voice quality, tho it takes some seconds to locate EMEA I-4 (25 degree east). But that’s just GEO for you which is different than how it works with LEO (e.g. Iridium). The longest call is well over 8 mins to far east and the recipient didn’t even realise I called from satellite (35k km away), so i’ve got nothing to complain so far. Will try to review more when I use the satellite phone more extensively.

    And also recommend to read the Sales Advice for any expedition you have in mind. Safety and communication are of paramount importance. Happy travelling!

    • ku.oc.aidemrebos@ttocs


      Thank you very much for your detailed review and was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and thanks for the recommendations.

      Thanks, Charles/Ashbury

  3. Andy Rackham

    First of all the service from Ashbury was excellent its good to talk to someone who has the facts and gives accurate and professional advice and guidance on satellite phones. Having used Satellite phones over the years the Inmarsat Isatphone 2 is a breath of fresh air. Its compact size and ease of use make it the perfect tool. So far it has performed perfectly without any issues in the Australian outback, Middle East and now Africa. Signal lock is very quick and the antenna prompt is simple and effective. Text messages are so easy in and out. I would recommend Charles and his team without any hesitation.

    • Moderator


      Thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated and glad the phone came in useful in the outback, Middle East and Africa!


  4. Dr Paul Giangrande

    I am certainly very pleased with iSatPhone 2 satellite phone. It takes just about as much time to boot up as my Samsung mobile phone, which is much better than I anticipated. Any nagging doubts I had about committing up here in the UK at 52 degrees North to a system that relies on a satellite hovering above the equator evaporated when I saw a 5 bar signal strength indication. Dr Paul Giangrande. Oxford University.

    • Moderator

      Dr Paul,

      Cheers for the review, very pleased the phone fulfilled your requirements.


  5. Malcolm Frazer Cox (verified owner)

    My daughter is about to embark on a round the world trip and I was concerned that she needed good communications to stay in touch and be safe. Charles understood my needs and concerns and gave me excellent advice guiding me away from the tracking devices I was looking at and recommended the IsatPhone2.

    I am delighted with the phone and the SIM options he recommended. The phone is much lighter and easier to use and better than my old Globalstar phone and connects very quickly to the satellites. Plus the reassurance of the emergency assistance button, which I have connected to GEOS is very comforting, plus it can be used to leave a breadcrumb trail as well.

    All in all it is a far better package than the tracker I was looking at with more features and I can actually speak to my daughter rather than merely receive text messages and will work out much cheaper in the long run. Many thanks for all your help.

    I would recommend Charles and Ashbury to everyone.

    *** Update:

    Dear Charles

    This really is quite an amazing phone. I tested it today in the bedroom with aerial extended and it managed to receive a text and a phone call away from any window and through two courses of bricks!
    Admittedly I had positioned the handset so the green light was on, but I actually only expected it to work outside with a clear view of the sky. Quite impressed.
    Just thought you might want the feed back.

    Kind regards

    • Moderator


      Your feedback is most welcome and I am glad me and our team assisted you in purchasing the right sat phone for you!


  6. Dennis Fife

    We received our isatphone2 sat phone a few weeks ago but It only made its way to St Kilda last week. I took it for a walk and it connected in every area that the old one would not connect, therefore I am happy with it. Dennis Fife – St Kilda Manager. Qinetiq

    • Moderator


      Glad the iSat2 phone worked in areas other sat phones couldn’t!


  7. Terry (verified owner)

    Inmarsat iSatphone2 on Pre-paid

    I was a little unsure about purchasing online due to all the negative things you hear about with scams etc. I can assure anyone who may have a similar doubt that Ashbury is genuine and the advice Charles gave me was spot on. I was never under any pressure to purchase etc. I made several calls to his mobile to ask questions and I would like to say thank you Charles for being so patient with me.

    I placed the order late on Friday and received an instant confirmation email that the order was accepted. On Monday I received another email confirming the phone was on its way, Tuesday morning the Royal Mail asked me to sign for the delivery. It could not have been easier.

    I phoned Charles to say it had arrived and he activated my Voucher and Sim card and within minutes I received an email confirmation showing my new sat phone number.

    Inmarsat provide a free of charge test number where you can phone and hear a test message. You can dial in and get a free of charge text from Inmarsat that shows your balance but if you dial in to hear you balance this is chargeable.

    The phone itself is of very good quality and easy to you. It takes a little getting used to the idea that you must point the phone towards the equator to get a signal but the phone has a fantastic help button that displays a live compass and indicates the direction you need to turn the phone to find the satellite, again I would like to thank Charles for talking me through this.

    I have some South facing windows and I can get good signals inside when close to them.

    Something that is well worth being aware of is the Inmarsat company will allow the phone to be out of airtime for along time and when you are planning to use it again you can just buy a airtime voucher and activate it.

    So far my experience with signal reception has been a good one but it is clearly an outside phone and ideal for remote places and is ideal for an emergency phone.

    It has been a pleasure dealing with Charles (the one with the South African accent) and I look forward to dealing with him in the future.

    Terry R 17 Jan 2016

    • Moderator

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the positive review, it was an absolute pleasure aiding and helping you with your phone purchase.


  8. Tom Prescott

    I have had a Motorola 9505a since 2002 but recently decided to change to Inmarsat and go with the isatphone 2. I use satellite phones in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea and for me the crucial factor is just getting a usable level of connectivity to the network. After extensive research which included reading part of someone’s PhD on the construction of the networks I have worked out that for a tropical rainforest user, Inmarsat is likely to be the best solution as the geostationary satelites are directly up which gives you a better chance at getting a signal through a clearing in the forest canopy relative to Iridium where the satellites can fly quite low on the horizon.

    • Moderator

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your review!

      As a note to other readers. Tom has contrasted the technical differences between the Iridium and Inmarsat networks very well, with just one minor exception. Since the Inmarsat satellites are situated on the equator, they are only straight up in the air when the user with the Inmarsat satellite phone is near the equator. For users who are closer towards to the polar regions the satellites will be low down on the horizon, in the direction of the equator. And this also explains why the Inmarsat phones don’t work at the polar regions – as the curvature of the earth blocks the view towards the Inmarsat satellites from the polar regions.

      Affinity, Charles/Ashbury

  9. dino tartagli

    Very good service, thank you! Dino.

    • ku.oc.aidemrebos@ttocs


      Thanks for you review and pleased your are happy with out service.

      Thanks, Charles/Ashbury

  10. murris nicolas

    We bought this phone two years ago for the safety of my family in our altitude cabin located in the french alps and for some journeys in USA ,Colorado and Wyoming mostly this device works perfectly, without network losing and with a very good sound quality whatever the weather. Free of charge test number and free emails reception are very appreciate aitime refills are installed by Charles in the minute of the order! I will not change or phone or provider! very good product and very good service!
    I will recommend both of them !

    • Moderator


      Thanks for the review! Glad to hear 2 years on and the phone is still going strong!


  11. Frederique Morisod

    Simple to use, very clear user friendly options. We have used it successfully sailing from Egypt to the Maldives and throughout the Maldives, with excellent network coverage throughout the journeys. Comes with a variety of different charging accessories which is invaluable when visiting multiple destinations.

    • Moderator

      Hi Frederique,

      Hope the trip from Egypt to the Maldives was a safe and exciting journey and the phone gave you peace of mind through out.


  12. Kieron (verified owner)

    The phone is a lovely bit of kit, light but it feels solid (and as the box says) robust. In fact its already had a few drops here and there as I’ve not stopped playing with it since it arrived. It comes with everything you need in the box and without reading the manual was easy to set up and successfully made my first call. The phone pretty much walks you through everything and I have no doubt or regrets about buying it. I can say the same about buying it through Asbury. Not only did they have a great price but the service was fantastic and they included the SIM and had everything activated for me so when it arrived it was good to go. I emailed in a question and got an instant reply so not only do I know I have a great phone to rely on but Ashbury will be on hand when it matters and if I need any help. A 5 star phone backed up by a 5 star seller.

    • Moderator


      Thanks for the positive feedback we do aim for a 5 star service. And glad to hear the iSat2 phone is one robust sat phone.


  13. Claudine Bloom

    Firstly, would like to say how simple and uncomplicated it was to deal with AshburySatcom. All the instructions were easy to follow, the Satphone arrived even earlier than I expected, the packaging was just right, and I could not fault the service in any way. They are good value and seem to do exactly what I wanted. I would certainly recommend the company to anyone.
    The instruction manual which was sent by email was very clear and we did not have to call to activate the sim card. All very straightforward and uncomplicated, which when using a different gadget is so stress free.

    • Moderator

      Hi Claudine,

      Thanks for the kind words and glad you are satisfied with the iSat2 phone and our service.


  14. David (verified owner)

    Lightweight phone with impressive battery life. I charged the phone up one for a 3 week trip to Everest Base camp during October 2016. The severe cold did not drain the battery at all. It was still 100% at the end of the trip. I have switched it on today nearly 3 months later and it is still 75%. The phone gets sattelite coverage quickly and it very user friendly with adding numbers and contact details, I would recommend this product

    • Moderator

      Hi David,

      I am pleased the iSat2 phone met all your requirements and yes it does have a very impressive battery life!


  15. Frank Höppener (verified owner)

    I travel a lot in remote places like the Kalahari and Namibia. Sometimes I travel alone. Then it is nice to have a phone which works everywhere. Just in case… Then you have as well your gps coordinates at hand. And it’s always nice to call a friend with the sound of a lion roar in the background 😉
    The Inmarsat 2 does just that. It looks a bit big, but in the bush that’s not a problem at all. Nice feature: all connections are covered against dust and water.
    But I still have not explored all the possibilities yet.
    A positive surprise is the level of customer service of Ashburycom. I had some connection problems, but Charles and his colleagues responded immediately. (Think about thát when you buy a new iPhone or Samsung 😉

    • Moderator


      Glad the phone came in very useful on your expedition, it was a pleasure helping you out with connection issues and resolving them.


    • Daniel Purcaru (verified owner)

      Hi Frank,
      Not sure if this is the right way to contact you for this but your review is all I’ve got… I just returned from a camping trip to Chobe and Moremi in Botswana and all I can think of is to go back. Namibia is also on my list. I would love to go back with a smaller group as there is more freedom but I wouldn’t dare travelling alone. If you would like to have a companion on your next trip please let me know. It’s quite difficult to find someone to join you on a trip like that and you seem to be the perfect partner as you have lots of experience.
      Many thanks, Dan.

  16. Daniel Purcaru (verified owner)

    I used the phone on a camping trip to Chobe and Moremi in Botswana. Initially I bought the phone to use it in emergencies but I also called my friends. Worked flawlessly even from my tent or from under dense foliage cover. I used it occasionally and after two weeks the battery was still at 80%. Not sure if it would have been of much help if the hyenas sniffing my tent every night actually decided to pay me a visit inside 🙂 .
    And yes it’s true: Charles and his colleagues are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction! Impeccable service!

    • Moderator

      Hi Daniel,

      The iSat2 has an awesome battery life and glad it came use on your camping trip. Also thanks for the kind words about our support team!


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Inmarsat iSatPhone2 Key Features

  • Incoming Calls with Antenna Stowed Away
  • High Visibility Display – Readable in Bright Sunlight
  • Tracking Button with Automated Tracking Features
  • Programmable Assistance (Help/SOS) Button
  • Highly Rugged IP65-Rating (Water-Jet Proof)
  • Ultra Long Battery Life – 8 Hours Talk, 160 Hours Standby
  • Global Coverage (Excluding Polar Regions)
  • High Quality Voice Calls
  • Short Message eMail i.e. SMS to Email
  • Bluetooth Support for use with Bluetooth Headsets
  • Free Web to iSatPhone2 Messaging from Ashbury
  • Easy pre-paid top-up in Ashbury web shop
  • Standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Inmarsat iSatPhone2 Coverage Map

Inmarsat Satellite Phones Coverage Map

This map depicts the coverage of the Inmarsat’s geo-stationary satellites, as situated on the equator around the world, covering the whole world except the polar regions.

Inmarsat iSatPhone2 Airtime Options

Should you prefer prepaid you will see we sell discounted prepaid airtime vouchers with the Inmarsat iSatPhone2 satellite phone in our shop. For more details on our Inmarsat iSatPhone2 prepaid services and call rates, see the Inmarsat iSatPhone prepaid vouchers further below.

We also offer easy online pay-monthly subscriptions for Inmarsat iSatPhone2 that you can buy with your Inmarsat iSatPhone2 satellite phone should you wish, just add them both to cart and proceed to checkout then we will bill your card for your subscription on a monthly basis.

Inmarsat iSatPhone2 Applications

Recommended for:

  • Voice calls and SMS-to-email right around the globe except the polar regions.
  • Automated user-programmable position reporting via dedicated tracking button.

Not recommended for:

  • Downloading emails and surfing the net.

Inmarsat iSatPhone2 Box Contents

  • Unlocked iSatPhone2
  • SIM Card
  • Holster
  • Battery
  • Mains Charger
  • Vehicle Charger
  • USB Memory Drive
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wired Headset
  • Wrist Strap

iSatPhone 2 Video

How to Use iSatPhone 2